Table of Contents


The Configuration Screen

The Cache Control Bar

Changing the configuration

The custom types

There are the following customtypes available:

text This is a simple textfield nothing special about it
url This shows a clickable link in the show view
ed2k You may enter a MD4 sum and a clickable eDonkey link will be generated from this field, the filesize and the filename
language This is another language field. It will display the same languageflags for quickentry as the standard one.
rating You can rate a movie with this field. It can be filled from IMDB.
orgtitle This is the same as the standard title field, it gets filled from IMDB. This is useful if you store translated title of the movie in the title field.
movix If you use Movix on your CDs you can choose the version with this field.
mpaa This field can hold the movie rating of the Motion Picture Association of Amerika. It gets filled from the IMDB.