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Browsing the Database

The browse view allows you to list the content of your database by applying filters to the available data. On the top of the screen you'll find a row of radio buttons to list the available titles sorted by the first letter of the title.
This means if you select the DEF filter only movies beginning with a D, E or F are shown in the list.

When adding movies it is a good practice to move common words like the or a to the end of the title to have the sorting make more sense.

Example: A Clockwork Orange becomes Clockwork Orange, A

VideoDB treats TV episodes special, which means they are not shown by default. To show them, show TV episodes must be enabled. You can change this behavior in the configuration.

When selecting the all filter all movies are shown - please note that this can take some time if you have a very large database!
Usually the list is always sorted lexically, you may change the sort order of the all filter to sort by the DiskID in the configuration.

The unseen filter just shows you the movies that are not marked as seen yet by you.

When using the new filter only the 15 newest additions to your database are shown. You can change the number of shown files here in the configuration.

The last filter is the Wishlist. Movies shown here are not yet owned by you and will not show up in any of the other views (not even with the all filter). To add a movie to your wishlist just add like every other movie but set its mediatype to wanted.