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The examples in this document assumes you're using Linux and Apache. The Apaches document root is in /var/www and VideoDB is to be installed in /var/www/videodb. But it shouldn't be difficult for you to follow the steps with any other environment.


VideoDB works with the typical LAMP and WAMP environments. Here are the requirements in detail:

First time installation

Unzip the tarball into a directory below your webserver document root and make the cachedirectories writable.


  $> cd /var/www
  $> tar -xzvf ~/videodb-*.tgz
  $> chmod 777 videodb/cache/*

Then create a new database using the createtables.sql file in the doc directory


  $> mysqladmin -p create videodb
  $> mysql -p videodb < /var/www/videodb/doc/createtables.sql

Now edit the file to match your database settings.

Thats it. Now point your webbrowser to your new videodb and add some movies

Update from a previous version

For updating from a previous version just delete all files but the cache directory and keep your database. Then unzip the new tarball as described above. Then apply the updatedb.sql to your database using the the -f parameter to ignore errors.


  $> mysql -p -f videodb < /var/www/videodb/doc/updatedb.sql