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VideoDB uses the Smarty Template engine. Thus everybody interested in writing his own templates should have a look at the Smarty Documentation

What follows is a list of all templates used by VideoDB and the variables assigned to them. Of course you can split your templates by using Smarty's {include} statement.

All Templates

The following variables are available in all templates:

name type description
$lang associative array Contains all language specific strings for the current language. Have a look at the files in the language directory for available keys.
$config associative array All config options as set in the Configuration Screen


This template is included at the top of every page and should set up the needed HTML headers and include the stylesheet

name type description
$header associative array Contains the URLs for the top navigation. The available keys are: browse, random, search, stats, new, setup, edit, view, del, borrow, imdbBrowser, help. You should check if the key is empty and only display a link when an URL was given.
$style string Deprecated - use $ instead.
$langcode string Deprecated - use $config.language instead.
$localnet boolean True if VideoDB is accessed from the localnet else false.


The footer is included at the bottom of every page


This template displays the row of available filters in the browsing view.

name type description
$filters associative array Contains all available filters as keys and their Names (translations) as values
$filter string The currently selected filter in the browsing view
$showtv boolean True if TV-Episodes are to be shown else false.
$listcolumns integer This is currently only used in the modern template and determines how many columns are to be used in the browsing view.


name type description

Needs to be continued...